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What is mink lashes? 


Faux mink lashes are made of special plastic fiber called Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). PBT is heated and molded into the desired eyelash shape. They are light, flexible and retain the curl really well. These lashes are of very high quality and most popular ones for eyelash extension application treatment. 100% mink lashes are made of animal fur. Curl doesn't last well in these lashes, there are no different thickness options and they are not suitable for clients with allergies to animal fur. Here at VK Beauty we do not use, nor sell any type of products that involves animal cruelty. All of our products are Vegan and animal cruelty Free.


What is the difference between classic lashes, 2D lashes and Russian volume lashes?


Classic eyelash extension application method is where one artificial lash is applied to one natural lash. There is a choice of different thickness (0.15, 0.18, 0.20), lengths (6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15) and curls (c, cc, d ,dd). Classic sets will never look full or dramatic for clients with sparse and thin natural lashes. Choice of length and thickness is mainly up to the therapist to decide in order to protect natural lash health while wearing eyelash extensions. Too long or too thick (or worse-both) extensions will damage natural lashes. If a more dramatic look is required, choose 2D lashes or Russian volume lashes instead.


2D lashes are the most natural Russian volume set. 2 artificial lashes (0.10 thickness) are applied to one natural lash. Lashes that are used for this method are too thin for classic set but too thick for full Russian volume set. Even though 2 lashes are used, there is no damage caused as they are very thin and light and weigh the same as the lightest Classic lash (0.15 thickness). If Classic set is not enough but Russian volume is too much, 2D lashes are for you. 


Russian volume method is where multiple lashes are hand made into fluffy fans and then applied to one natural lash. 0.05 and 0.07 thickness lashes are used for this set. The thickness that's chosen depends on the condition of clients natural lashes. Fans can be made of more or less artificial lashes, depending on what the client is looking for.

There are multiple curls, lengths and thicknesses available for all of those methods. You can choose natural or very full, long or short, big or natural curl. It's up to each individual person of what is beautiful for them. 


A Therapists job is always to advise and choose the right thickness and length so the health of natural lashes would never be jeopardised. Regardless of what method is chosen, always apply artificial lashes only to each natural lash individually, do not stick few natural lashes together as they are in different growth phases. 


What are refills?


We loose 3-5 natural lashes a day, every day. As extensions are bonded to each natural lash, when natural lash falls, extension will fall out with it. The new baby lash pops out instead of the old one. While this keeps happening on a daily basis, after a while you will start noticing gaps between extensions and your set will start looking more sparse. That means that new natural lashes without extensions are replacing old natural lashes with extensions. If you decide that you want to keep getting them done, now would be the time to book your refills. Fresh natural lashes then get extension on them too and some old natural ones that are grown out, get old extension removed and fresh one bonded closer to the lid again. This way you have black lash line again and a few more weeks of beautiful lashes without needing mascara. 


Why do I need a patch test? 


Some of us are allergic to different skincare products, house cleaning solutions, clothes washing detergents, food, animals, flowers, etc.. one of the ingredients of eyelash adhesive (or other treatments like tint, wax, lamination, etc..) could be an allergen for somebody. To proceed with any type of treatment without a patch test is a big risk, that can result in severe allergic reaction for somebody. Extreme swelling, redness, itchiness, burning sensation are just a few symptoms to mention.. Never ever risk your clients wellbeing and also your reputation. Requiring a patch test means that you care! 

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